Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday 7/4/2010

The holes that were match drilled onto the main spar from the fuel tank had to be enlarged to a #19 size, then #40 holes drilled on either side of the main hole that match the dimensions of the plate nuts that will be installed in them.  Holes were dimpled and/or countersunk where it was not possible to dimple them and plate nuts were riveted to the spars.

Platenuts were installed on the leading edge rib strip.  These platenuts are use to attach the fuel tank to the leading edge rib.

The innermost platenuts have to be slightly ground off on the top side because of interference with the main spar web straps.

With the platenuts installed on the bottom of the main spar web for the fuel tanks, the wing skins are now ready to be riveted to the ribs and spar.  Total time today 8.5 hrs.

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